Natural Draft Flame Arresters

Heating Solutions International Inc. provides and manufactures Natural Draft Flame Arresters for all tank or vessel Fire Tube applications.

The design purpose of the Flame Arrester is to provide adequate primary air for burner combustion while protecting the location from the ignition of atmospheric combustible gases. The flame arrester also prevents the passage of flame into the atmosphere.

Heating Solutions Flame Arresters are quality controlled through manufacturing and testing to ensure safe and correct operation and are manufactured of high quality aluminum. They can be designed to match several flange patterns for new or retro-fit applications.

All Heating Solutions Flame Arresters conform to the following design code and maintenance specifications:

  • API 12N Reaffirmed 2008
  • CSA Z343-98

Flame Arrester Options and Features:

  • Hinged door for ease of use
  • Side Compartment to house and protect the Burner Ignition Coil
  • Multiple ports to include electrical fittings
  • Heat Trace Preheater Package Capability